New work from September 2015

September: a productive, exciting month for writing.

I published my first essay with Autostraddle. It’s a riff on the 1987 film Fatal Attraction — in fact, the original title of this piece was “I’m Not Going to Be Ignored, Allison.” In this current iteration, it’s called “She Wouldn’t Give Me Up.” I started writing this last February as a submission for an anthology on battering in queer relationships. But abuse isn’t always physical — and so I decided to write about an obsessive relationship with someone I am no longer in contact with. As I re-read my old journals, I started to uncover a lot of darkness that I wasn’t necessarily attuned to in my teens and early twenties. The anthology I submitted to is currently on hold; none of the pieces have been accepted or rejected (the editor told me that reprints of previously published material are fine). Still, I felt like I was onto something — so I kept working. The structure of the essay weaves quotes from Fatal Attraction and an analysis of the movie in with my experiences. I know that it’s a movie many feminists derided back in the 80s, so it’s been interesting to try and write about both the film and my life from this queer, personal essay lens.

I also wrote a book review. My review of Mai’a Williams‘ chapbooks No God But Ghosts + Monsters and Other Silent Creatures (Samsara Press) for the publication Hip Mama can be read here. Ariel Gore came up with the byline and it’s the best: “Allison McCarthy is an excellent freelance feminist. Her work can be found on xoJane and beyond.


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