My new site!

This project has been in the back of my head for a few years now. In the past, when friends or editors have asked to see clips of my writing, I’d send them to the archive pages for wherever I’d recently published. It wasn’t exactly the best system for tracking my work. I am so thrilled to have a site designer like Carmen Sambuco Odell in my corner. Over the last few weeks, she took my half-baked ideas on what I wanted to include, then made a functional AND beautiful site. Carmen, you rock!!

I’m not sure what form theĀ  blog will take on just yet. Obviously, it makes sense for the blog to promote my new writing. But I’d also like to use this space to connect with other writers. I’d like to talk about the literary events I attend in Baltimore and D.C. or wherever else life takes me.

Thank you for supporting the site and I look forward to sharing my writing with you!


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